"twitter activism? heh. talk is cheap. no one should spread information or communicate with other people. words dont mean anything.
reading? it’s dumb. writing is for ninnies. I have sealed myself in a blank white room with no books and no furniture and a year’s supply of granola bars, to achieve political purity.”

My Throught


a man goes to the doctor and said “doctor I think I have something stuck in my throught
so the doctor said “let’s take a x-ray”
(this doctor did not no about spines)
"i see the problem a bone is there"


*white highschooler voice* im just honest w/ my parents about my drinking and smoking and they respect that. forreal dude you should just tell your parents straight up what you’re doing and theyll appreciate it :)


Tughra (Official Signature) of Sultan Suleiman. Istanbul, Turkey. c. 1555-1560. Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper.


ok im wide awake again

here’s a twitter list that updates frequently w different ppl and journalists tweets. it’s really handy because info circulates slower on tumblr (i saw day old news is just getting around today) especially if you dont have access to / dont trust mainstream media. i don’t believe you need an account to view it.

you know what I still have a grudge against my middle school GATE teacher she would take points off when your commas were in italics

how do you even notice that

here’s something I genuinely did not expect: there are straight teen dudebros who watch orange is the new black for the nudity/lesbian sex scenes


A vintage Eid card from 1950s Pakistan.


A vintage Eid card from 1950s Pakistan.

like lmao thanks for the help

tbh the one thing I will never not find funny is when conservatives trip over themselves to condemn Obama doing shitty conservative stuff

tbh there’s something really cathartic about using xkit’s post block function

probably bc the icon is like ur hand, going “uh , bye”

pros: chandler bing impression

cons: chandler bing impression

*doesn’t play most FPS games because they glamorize racial violence and America’s white supremacist military-industrial complex while reinforcing the patriarchal maxim that violence is an expression of masculinity*

messed up that the only times I feel a real sense of community with my ‘fellow Americans’ is when we’re all cowering in fear at our white supremacist police state