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the sound of an orchestra tuning is really nostalgic and relaxing and its one of my favorite sounds in the world

She was beautiful, elegant. Like a tall clear glass filled with raw pasta.

If White Characters Were Described Like People of Colour in Literature @ Buzzfeed

Worth reading for #16 alone.

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I hate every post about “thinking about something embarrassing you did a long time ago and panicking” because they always make me think about something embarrassing I did a long time ago and panic

i miss being on an airplane

nathan for you is a good show

Zoulikha Echaïb



Zoulikha Echaïb (Oudai), born Yasmina Echaïb in May 7th, 1911 in Hadjout, Tipaza.

She is a responsible political-military activist and fighter in the ranks of the National Liberation Front (FLN) in the town of Cherchell in wilaya IV.

After her husband El Hadj Si Larbi Oudai and one of her 5 children were executed by the French colonial army, she decided to join the FLN where she soon became responsible for the region of Cherchel. She participated in intelligence operations, rapprochement between the FLN and the Algerian people and she provided funds for the FLN from her husband’s money.

After the Cherchel FLN network was dismantled, The French army set her an ambush in the wadi Haïzer, she was arrested in October 15th, 1957 and exposed attached to an armored vehicle where she addresses the crowd: “My brothers, be witnesses of the weakness of the colonial army that launched its heavily armed soldiers against a woman. Do not give up. Keep fighting until the day our national flag waves on all pediments of our cities and villages. Climb to the bush! Free this country! " The captain attempts to silence her, she spits in his face. She is tortured for ten days straight but she does not deliver the names of her fellow soldiers.


She was executed October 25th, 1957, her body was found 27 years later, when a farmer declares remembering burying the body of a handcuffed woman found dead on the road.
She is now buried in the cemetery of the martyrs of Menaceur.


George Bush doing the ice bucket challenge thing is really unsettling to me because it’s all over my dashboard right now and I truly don’t understand why people on this website now seem to think of him as America’s goofy uncle that does bad paintings you do remember who he is right?

can you list some of the words in Darija borrowed from other languages?




Carretera - road
Semana - week
Bombilla - light bulb
Circo - circus
Plancha - iron 
Barco - boat
Cama - bed
Tranquilo - quiet
Camiseta - t-shirt
Chaqueta - in Morocco it means shirt even tho it means jacket in Latin America and Spain 

Also most of these words are only used in north Morocco. Southern Morocco tends to borrow more French than the north. 


All the numbers except for 2
Ana - me
Dar - house
Korsi - chair
Flous - money 
Yawm - day 
Khaf - scared 
Lish - why
Indi - i have 
Qol/Goul - say 
Hiya - she 


Briquet - lighter 
Automobile - car 
Lavage - carwash 
Frites - fries 
Boisson - drink 
Rose - pink 
Oui - yes 
D’origine - of origin/original 
Garage - garage 
Par exemple - for example
Hospital - hospital


Temara - hardship
Shlaghem - moustache 
Salas - darkness
Sebniya - headscarf/hijab 
Khizzou - carrot 
Lalla - madam 
Matisha - tomato 
Sh’hal - how much
Sarred - send 

Half of these words are not pronounced the “correct” way. For example automobile becomes tomobil but i wrote them the original way anyway. Anyway hope this helps. 

there are so much more for Tamazight tho, a significant amount of Moroccan ‘Arabic’ words are Tamazight

one of my favourites is the word Mech cus it means cat and I like cats but I always say mechicha cus it means kitty nd that is cuter


there is my contribution


"twitter activism? heh. talk is cheap. no one should spread information or communicate with other people. words dont mean anything.
reading? it’s dumb. writing is for ninnies. I have sealed myself in a blank white room with no books and no furniture and a year’s supply of granola bars, to achieve political purity.”

My Throught


a man goes to the doctor and said “doctor I think I have something stuck in my throught
so the doctor said “let’s take a x-ray”
(this doctor did not no about spines)
"i see the problem a bone is there"