I swear to god they better not put the Hercules world in KH3 I am so fucking tired of busting barrels for danny devito

when I was like 8 or 9 I used to go on Kingdom Hearts forums and I had no idea what to do and it seemed like the roleplay boards were the most active so I just joined a Heroes RP despite the fact that I had never seen an episode of heroes

I spent like a week pretending I knew stuff about Heroes before I realized I had probably made a mistake

people are like “my handwriting is bad omg” but like. I have the handwriting of a five-year old who just learned the whole alphabet and is still developing the fine motor control to draw a person that isnt a stick figure

it’s really embarrassing

is it just me or do prep school guys always have a look in their eyes like they’re about to make a daddy dom belt-whipping gif

Eid Mabrouk y’all

i’m not fully caught up on book 3 of korra yet, but it’s depressing how much better atla is than korra

its the last day of ramadan and i have five tabs of recipes open and we’re not even eating at home today i’m just torturing myself

the worst meme is the willy wonka meme


no good has come of it

i still use ponify so i guess that’s one thing i can thank bronies for

remember that naive period when the mlp obsession seemed weird but all-in-good-fun, before bronies swept the nation as the horrifying cultural phenomenon they now are


"maybe the wider than expected demographic appeal of my little pony is a bellwether for the destigmatization of femininity" — me, in 2011, being the most wrong about anything i’ve ever been in my entire life






fun game in immigrant households: which yogurt container actually holds the yogurt

oh my god I’m freaking out at Tetsuya Nomura’s batman design is this real